Monthly Natural Gas Cost Estimate

July 14, 2024

The following information is provided as part of CenterPointEnergy's energy benchmarking toolkit to help users access and better understand their property's overall energy use and costs.

This document provides an estimate for annual natural gas energy costs per square foot and per bedroom using the property's most recent 24 months of aggregated natural gas energy use data, and total floor area and total bedrooms provided by the property's owner or manager.

Natural gas utility bills at a property can vary based on how the property's natural gas uses and costs are distributed amongst property management and residents. An individual customer's natural gas utility bill will also vary seasonally as natural gas equipment use increases in colder months.

Weatherization improvements and energy efficient appliances can help reduce a property's natural gas use and costs, visit www.CenterPointEnergy.Com/SaveEnergy to learn more.

Property name:
2537 Dorm

Utility service address(es):

Property Natural Gas Usage
Energy use period beginning:
Energy use period ending:
Total natural gas energy use during period:
7,947 therms
Total natural gas energy cost($)1:
Average monthly natural gas energy use:
331 therms per month
Average monthly natural gas energy cost($)1:
$357.00 per month

Property Characteristics
Total Floor Area (sqft)2:
Property Total Dwelling Units2:
Property Total Bedrooms2:

Natural gas energy cost estimate:
$0.04 monthly per square foot
$15.55 monthly per bedroom

1 Total energy use and costs associated with the property (as defined by the utility service addresses displayed above) are provided by CenterPoint Energy. These aggregate costs represent costs associated with all gas use at the building, including common areas. Aggregated costs do not include applicable local, state or federal taxes.

2 CenterPoint cannot verify the information provided by property owners and managers; any errors in the reporting would affect the accuracy of the reported metrics of cost per square foot or the cost per bedroom.

CenterPoint Energy has provided this information to an authorized individual in accordance with our Data Aggregation and Release Policy. CenterPoint Energy shall have no liability for misuse of data after it is released through this portal.