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Please complete all fields below to register as a user of the Energy Data Portal with your CenterPoint Energy account. At this time, you will need to have at least one CenterPoint Energy Minnesota commercial natural gas account to register below. Have a copy of your bill in front of you to find required information.

Third Party Service Providers: click here to access the user guide and click here to access an authorization form to request whole-building data without a CenterPoint Energy account

Instructions for where to find required information on your CenterPoint Energy Bill - see page 2 of our user guide
Street Number: Numeric Digits at the Start of Service Address, no Other Text (Example: Enter 123 for service address 123 Main Street)
Customer Name: Enter exact text from bill shown on the first line of the to: address
Account Number: DO NOT enter the dash or number after the dash (Example: Enter 123456 for Account Number 123456-7)
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Energy Data Portal

Streamlined access to whole-building data and automated benchmarking processes.

Facilitate automated benchmarking through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

Compare current and historical energy usage to identify trends

  • Mobile Phone

    Data & alerts where you are

    Alerts and meter data are accessible across lots of different devices and our mobile alert system keeps you up-to-date even when you're on the road.

  • Pie and Bar Charts

    Track & compare your usage

    Track your usage against weather conditions and see how you compare to your own usage from previous years.

  • Markers

    Customizable markers

    Track important events and monitor associated energy changes with handy markers. Using markers helps the system know how and when to provide important alerts.

  • Energy Gauge

    Energy Challenge

    Set an energy savings goal and track your progress over time.