Request for Whole-Building Energy Usage Data


Multifamily property owners/managers: Click here for instructions on generating Annual Natural Gas Cost Estimate Report.

Third-party service providers assisting CenterPoint Energy customers: Click here for instructions on requesting whole-building energy use data and establishing automated energy benchmarking for your clients who are CenterPoint Energy customers.

Populate Street field below and click 'Search' to show available service addresses. Click on each service address to add to the building definition and confirm unit/meter count. Remove a service address from the building definition by clicking on the red trash icon. View unit details by clicking on the arrow icon to right of selected service address. Once form is complete, click 'Submit' button at bottom of form to complete request.

PLEASE CONFIRM: You have requested aggregated energy use data for the following service addresses. The data will include combined energy use from every meter listed below all service addresses. Click submit below if this is consistent with your expectations based on the number of gas meters at the building. If not, click "Back" and add or remove service addresses, or contact forassistance in identifying missing meters.

Request for Whole-Building Energy Usage Data


CenterPoint Energy releases energy use data according to company policies; aggregated, whole-building data will be released to third-party service providers or other non-owner requesters only if the building owner grants permission. Please provide the contact information for the building owner or authorized owner representative.

Consent is required from the CenterPoint Energy account holders at the following service addresses

Access to whole-building usage data, in this case, requires consent from one or more account holders as per the 4/50 standard incorporated in CenterPoint Energy's approved Whole-Building Data Aggregation and Release Policies

Consent is required from the CenterPoint Energy account holder(s) at the following service address(es). Please provide contact information for that person below. If the building owner is the account holder, you will still have to request consent below (in addition to the authorization requested on the previous page).

If you do not know the appropriate contacts for the below service addresses, you can click continue and come back to it later.

Note: Unit/Suite/Appartment numbers will appear within the addresses below if they are available in our system. If unit numbers do not appear, or you do not recongnize the unit numbers presented, please email us at to request assistance with identifying the tenant(s) from whom consent is required. For better assistance, please include the service address(es) shown below in the body of your email.

This request is for energy usage data for a building comprising the following service address(es):
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Date: 9/24/2022

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